Woman Sheds 40 lbs During The Pandemic – This Is How She Did It

During the COVID-19 lockdown, Belinda refined her vegan diet and focused on getting stronger. Now, she competes as a bodybuilder and helps others achieve their goals.  

CHICAGO, UNITED STATES, January 10, 2023 – Like everyone else, Belinda Lagasi, 35, panicked when her gym shut down in early 2020 at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Not leaving her weight loss journey to chance, she went into action. 

She researched body-weight exercises and took advantage of Zoom classes from her favorite fitness studios. Even though all dumbbells were sold out, she used water gallon jugs as weights. With extra time at home, she focused on healthy eating and meal prep, with a focus on macronutrients. 

Belinda before the pandemic.

Her consistency over the long months at home paid off. Even though she had been lifting weights since 2016, she was doing it inconsistently. Being at home and without the normal distractions of everyday life pre-pandemic, she was able to be very consistent. She started to notice her body composition change, and she got excited and motivated.

Belinda in September 2022

She committed herself to studying nutrition with a focus on vegan protein sources and balanced carbohydrates and fats. Once the gyms reopened, she tracked her weights and worked on getting stronger through progressive overload. With a balance of strength training and cardio, and a macro-based vegan nutrition program, she was able to transform her body composition. Over time, she lost 40 lbs permanently and has changed her physique.

This is how she did it:

– organized nutrition: calories made up of calculated macros of protein, fats, carbs.

– vegan diet: protein sources of seitan, tofu, soy, nuts, seeds, vegan protein products

– weight training

– walking

– occasional high intensity cardio

Belinda: NPC IL State bodybuilding competition- May 2022

Belinda now competes nationally and internationally as a bikini bodybuilding athlete. Though now her lifestyle as a physique athlete is very disciplined, it was her foundation of healthy eating and weight training that transformed her physique.

Her family and friends were so impressed by her results that they started asking for weight loss help. She opened her coaching business, Body by Belinda LO, and now helps clients globally with strength training and organized eating to reach sustainable fat loss over time.

Belinda now helps clients lose weight and achieve their body goals. 

You can follow Belinda on Instagram @belinda.l.o.

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