FullChinese App Uses Advanced Features to Target Potential Investors

After upgrading its features, the FullChinese App seeks its use by language educators, Chinese teachers, and heritage speakers.

BOSTON, UNITED STATES, January 17, 2023–Today, FullChinese App (“FullChinese App” or the “Company”), a Chinese language app that combines all critical learning language features into a one single highly optimized app, declared the app now has an option – for importing Youtube videos with Close Caption inside the app, such that they become engaging study material completely in tune with students’ interest. 

To reach more students, the company upgraded its features to allow educators, whether Chinese university teachers, high school teachers or tutors, to add their own content. Teachers can import their own text into the app, anything of interest on the internet, such as YouTube videos, or student generated content. This allows students to access content tailored to both their level and interest.

The new upgraded feature received positive feedback from language educators, as it became possible to retain some students who would have given up otherwise.

By being aware of the challenges faced by Chinese teachers, the Company provides free technical support for their students. Teachers only have to choose which content they wish their student to study, and the company handles every other technical aspect. The FullChinese app is available on iPhone, iPad, and Android. 

Emmanuel Roche, founder of the FullChinese App, said, “The FullChinese App is designed to help language educators like governmental committees in charge of higher education, and school districts, Chinese teachers in universities, and all teachers of the Chinese language make their job less tedious and more exciting for both them and their learners.”

“We also created a helpful resource center they can freely access, since we are all together in the business of promoting the Chinese language,” he continued. Since its founding, the FullChinese App has embraced AI technology to simplify the learning of the Chinese, making it fun to use for both potential investors and their students.

Its use of AI technology has allowed the Company to identify other audiences, except its original audience; students, expanding their audience base. This is just another way FullChinese App is reshaping the language learning industry, especially Chinese.

About FullChinese App

Founded in 2012 by Emmanuel Roche, a researcher in Natural Language Processing and Computational Linguistics, and an entrepreneur who co-founded the main NLP Company of the time (Teragram Corporation), with a lifelong interest in Chinese language and how to learn it efficiently. 

The FullChinese App is a comprehensive software solution designed to help students reach full fluency in Chinese. The Company now has a worldwide team of linguists, educators who are native speakers, engineers, including a team in Ukraine, who are counted as colleagues.

Media Contact

Company name: FullChinese App

Contact Person: Emmanuel Roche

Email: roche@gammakite.com

Country: United States

Website: https://www.fullchinese.com


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