Altered Studio Rolls Out Voice Copilot to Enable Voiceover Artists and Content Creators Change Their Voice

It is a new dawn for content creators and voiceover artists, as they can now easily immerse themselves in whichever voice they desire.

LONDON, JANUARY 25, 2023 — Altered AI, developers of the professional artificial intelligence voice changing software, Altered Studio, is pleased to announce the launch of the 2-nd generation Generative AI models today. Altered AI, having researched voice alteration constraints for voiceover artists and content creators, both experts and non-experts alike, developed a voice cloning software that allows everybody to switch to any voice they want.

Altereds’ Voice Copilot empowers content creators to create compelling multi-cast performance, to iterate and improve their dialogue, and to overcome the time and cost constraints of traditional voice over. It is a cutting edge generative AI software that overcomes the skill limitations that people encounter when they record voice over. It allows everybody to hyper-automate voice content creation, and to improve their skills and boost productivity.

Although Altered AI allows a fair voicing ground for non-expert content creators, experts also benefit from its advanced technological capabilities. In the hands of an expert, Altered Studio efficiently voices a whole production, disguising the original voice of the expert to many other voices for different casts. Beside Voice Over, Altered AI provides all creators access to a wide range of audio tools and skills, suitable for various Synthetic Voice projects.

Alter your voice with Altered AI.

Altered AI continues to bolster the software with amazing features like voice cloning, accent conversion, text-to-speech with speaking styles, voice dubbing, translation, denoising and other audio effects to perfect audio projects. And just like you store precious items safely, Altered AI has a Voice Vault — it preserves your voice against aging and misfortunes, as well as a feature for creating a customized voice for your brand.

Other use-cases of this powerful synthetic speech software are not obvious at all. For example, journalists use Altered AI to protect the identity of interviewees who need to remain anonymous from being recognized by oppressive regimes. Journalists achieve this via two ways — using their speech-to-speech or text-to-speech synthesis tools.

The speech-to-speech synthesis alters the voice of an interviewee, but does not erode the emotion from their voices. Their text-to-speech technology comes with dozens of speaking styles, ranging from whispers to shouts, sorrowful to joyful, anger to annoyed, etc., for any occasion.  

One voice artist can complete a production.

In an interview with 9-Figure Media, the CEO of Altered Studio, Ioannis Agiomyrgiannakis, said, “When I was at Google, I realized that voice was one of the main barriers blocking people from making successful video content. That voice barrier puts many small content creators in a disadvantaged position.

“So I made Altered to empower everybody with a charismatic voice to level the playfield. Altered Studio democratizes voice over by removing the geographic, socio-economic and physical biases associated with someone’s voice or accent.”

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About Altered Studio

Leading the voice cloning revolution, Altered AI developed the first ever voice editing software, Altered Studio, capable of giving content creators the power to voice different roles in their production. It gives voices to video games, movies, explainer videos, audio books, podcasts, marketing videos, made by YouTubers, TikTokers, advertisers, and other audio/visual content creators.

Altered Studio allows everyone to create professional, engaging vocal performances for their videos, games and podcasts, without needing a physical studio for these projects. 

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