You are currently viewing 9-Figure’s News Publication Service Provides 200+ News and Business Sites for Guaranteed Publicity for Brands

9-Figure’s News Publication Service Provides 200+ News and Business Sites for Guaranteed Publicity for Brands

9-Figure Media provides a straightforward 3-step process to increase consumer awareness and skyrocket sales for brands

9-Figure Media, a 9-Figure company helps brands of any size develop the trust and authority they need to attract customers in the digital marketplace. With small businesses transforming themselves in 2020 and beyond to become accessible online, it is more critical now than ever to let your expertise rise above what everyone else is saying.

“We have a straightforward three-step process that creates more publicity and publishing opportunities for brands of all sizes,” says 9-Figure Media. “This effort enables our clients to get published on over 200 high-quality global business and news websites, including established names like Bloomberg, Business Insider, MarketWatch, CNBC, FOX, CBS, Google News, and many more.”

After 9-Figure composes captivating content about your business, it gets published on the company’s proprietary network of business and news sites. This action enables the “as seen on” trust badge that reinforces the value of your products and services, which helps to drive sales through the roof.

“We select high authority links through this process to develop even more organic marketing opportunities for our clients,” says 9-Figure. “When an article links back to over 200 authoritative domains, it pushes a brand higher in their search rankings. This unique process can increase conversions by up to 48%.”

A single 9-Figure effort typically develops 500 reads within the first 24 hours. As time passes, this content’s natural strength reinforces the value promises made by brands and businesses to encourage sales progression. When a potential customer sees the benefits of this investment, they’re more likely to explore what a company offers.

“We see an average of 75% of visitors leaving websites because the content they find lacks credibility and trust,” says 9-Figure. “Even if our clients provide their own content to our team for distribution, we can distribute it in such a way that its authority becomes almost instantly known after publication.”

“This service includes a healthy mix of dofollow and nofollow links when published on news sites.” 

9-Figure’s pricing to give guaranteed publishing to over 200 sites, including television network affiliates, Business Insider, Bloomberg, MarketWatch, USA Today, and more, is very attractive and affordable for most businesses hoping to save money on publicity. 

All clients receive a full report with links to all of the articles after publication on a five-day delivery window. Since the search engines understand that news offers duplication, this content distribution effort doesn’t encounter the same challenges as other marketing efforts.

“Even more important, our client press releases or news articles get published on root websites, the authoritative nature of the root websites is the way to stand out in a crowded space,” says 9-Figure. “These websites collectively receive over 1 billion monthly visitors, delivering a massive boost in search engine rankings as well as massive publicity for the brand or organization.”

9-Figure can distribute general announcements, newsworthy topics, or anything brand-related with this service. The content stays accessible on local and global news and business websites for up to 24 months.


9-Figure Media is a California-based company providing press releases and news content distribution services to national and global clients. More information is available by visiting its website at or dialing +1 949-342-6155. 

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