Gertrude Garrow’s Revolutionary Animated Reading System has the potential to help solve the world’s illiteracy epidemic

Using the animated alphabet system, people can learn to read in hours and change their lives for the better.

International best-selling author Gertrude Garrow’s revolutionary approach to teaching reading in 30 hours promises to help the world overcome the illiteracy epidemic. The process of teaching reading has been developed for over 35 years. It has been trialed since the 80s across several learner groups, ranging from pre-school to adult and students with special needs, such as dyslexia, and always with astonishing results. This program is now available for publication.

Because of the pandemic and the growth of media and smartphones, many children have short attention spans and struggle to develop the reading skills they need to succeed in real life. Low-income and minority families with children in impoverished schools have been most affected. Similarly, children with disabilities who already face an uphill battle face the harsh reality of being left behind.

Children who do not develop the right competencies at the elementary stage face performance issues, which translates to all domains of their personal and professional life. Teachers are also unaware of the right techniques to help their students get the foundations of reading right.

This is where Gertrude’s program is making a difference. Her program incorporates unique memory aids, where the abstraction of the letters and words is removed, making learning seem like child’s play. The system can teach what would typically require 20 lessons in a single lesson. This also makes it economical for schools looking to stand out from their competition.

As well as all the 44 speech sounds and letter groupings of the English language, children and older people can quickly learn the keywords that make up 75% of written English using songs and a few animated stories. Rhymes replace boring word lists and can be used in classrooms, online, in prisons, in homeschooling and self-tuition. The system has also been adapted to teach native French, Spanish and Italian children to read in their own languages.

About the speaker, “I developed the program to help people learn to read in a matter of hours. It’s simple, logical, and fun. The program is a completely structured reading system that transforms the teaching of English. Every letter and letter group is taught using unique, imaginative animated stories and songs. I want to play a part in helping the world get rid of illiteracy.”

She trains teachers internationally and in groups, from preschool to adults and students with special needs such as dyslexia. 

Schools, educational ministries, and parents interested in learning more about the system can contact her using the information below.

About the inventor of the system

Gertrude Garrow (formerly Gert Kerrigan) was born fourth in a family of ten children in Co. Galway, Ireland. She married the artist Simon Garrow and has three sons, Mark, Warren, and Stuart Kerrigan. In her early 20s, Gertrude was a microbiologist at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. Still, following the birth of her first son, Mark, she took a keen interest in education, studied Montessori teaching, and opened her Montessori school. Shortly after this, RTE, Irish National TV, and radio contracted her as a scriptwriter and presenter of children’s programs. She also won awards as a poet and playwright, and has published several songs. Her passion is painting, and some of her paintings are on her website.

Contact information

Contact Person: Gertrude Garrow, 

Company Name: AtoZeasy Learning Ltd. 


City: Bracknell 

State: Berkshire 

Country: United Kingdom 



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