US-Based Company, Autodex, Integrates Blockchain Technology in Vehicle Purchase

Autodex unveils a new era where blockchain meets Web3 automotive purchasing

 Rashad Collins, co-founder of Autodex giving a keynote speech at Digital Dealer in 2021

NEW YORK (August 31, 2022)Autodex, a blockchain-backed vehicle purchasing, and ownership platform, announced today the creation of the first Web3 automotive purchasing and ownership ecosystem. Autodex co-founders, Jim Voyles and Rashad Collins integrated blockchain to fix the antiquated vehicle purchasing process; a whole new milestone for creating a digital garage for vehicle owners. Autodex sets the standard by incorporating blockchain technology in vehicle purchases, the first of its kind.

Before the inception of Autodex in 2021, vehicle purchasing and ownership were plagued with complex supply chains, a multistage manufacturing process, regulatory compliance, car dealership networks, and after-sales services. A tiring and cumbersome system that drags the process of vehicle purchase with tons of paperwork. 

Now, vehicle showroom, purchasing, data submission, and ownership rest on the thumbs of automotive professionals, blockchain enthusiasts, tech innovators, and vehicle purchasers.

Never before has purchasing a vehicle been easier, faster, and less tedious – secured by blockchain.

Today, more customers and clients have taken advantage of Autodex’s CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system which allows customers to seal vehicle purchases anywhere; even on the go

It also allows dealers to keep an inventory of vehicles within the application, connect with customers and seal vehicle purchase deals. Autodex platform provides options for vehicle data to be easily sent to F&I (Finance and Insurance) and DMS (Document Management System) for easier processing.

After a year of researching and testing this solution, Autodex bridged the gap by integrating all tools needed for vehicle purchase in their platform’s dashboard. User-friendly features, a great interface, effective deal management, and email campaigns at the push of a button are part of the solutions Autodex offers.

“Autodex is the only software you will need to complete every step of the automotive sales process,” shares Rashad Collins, co-founder of Autodex. Also, Jim Voyles added that “Autodex is the future of the automotive industry you’ve been waiting for.”

Rashad Collins (left) and Jim Voyles (right), founders of Autodex at the Digital Dealer conference in 2021 

Some Top Benefits of Using Autodex:

Top-notch CRM allows customers to prefill quotes, and store and send quotes.

  • Vehicles are monitored and inventory is stored and sent to F&I and DMS  at the tap of a button.
  • Automatic updates on maintenance and recalls, a vehicle depreciation center, dedicated warranty options, and dedicated service centers will be another benefit for users.

With its soon-to-be-released Mobile Application, all tools necessary for vehicle purchase are made available to clients. Autodex is a great shift from traditional to modern vehicle purchasing and an innovative incorporation of blockchain.

About Autodex

Founded by two innovative minds, Jim Voyles and Rashad Collins, Autodex has come to exceed boundaries set by rigorous vehicle-purchasing processes by integrating Web3 automotive purchasing and vehicle ownership with the power of blockchain.

Autodex is the first of its kind, blazing its way to light the path of blockchain vehicle purchasing. Now, dealers and customers enjoy efficiency, great customer service, up-to-date inventory, and even a vehicle depreciation center at the instant push of a button. 

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