More Ink Tattoo Schedules to Tour Certain West Coast and South American Cities With Its Micro Realism and Concept Tattoo

After years of perfecting the art of ink on body, More Ink Tattoo now reimages your life purpose with a peculiar 3D pictorial tattoo.

SAN FRANCISCO, December 09, 2022 — More Ink Tattoo, a tattoo company that tells deep personal stories by connecting several significant elements by geometric designs and patterns, today announced its proposed tours to some selected West Coast and South American cities. Through their tattoo concepts, they help their clients rediscover their purpose and unchain themselves from societal barriers.

More Ink Tattoo boosts the confidence of its clients using micro realism and concept tattoo — a more detailed technique that creates 3D pictorial effects on the body. More Ink Tattoo blends in personal experiences of clients in vague, and yet beautiful patterns.

A micro realism tattoo from More Ink.

For having an eye for detail, More Ink Tattoo combines years of experience studying the complexities of art and the expertise of micro realism and concept tattoo into a well-detailed photographic tattoo. They also put in creativity, thereby setting new standards for the tattoo industry.

Drawing from the life experiences of More Ink Tattoo’s CEO, Madeleine Rastelli, who broke free from societal hindrances of freedom and expression, a path for expressing the freedom for body art was taken. And traveling to cities like New York, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Houston, Los Angeles, and Austin, More Ink Tattoo has continued to offer clients unique experiences with each tattoo session.

More Ink Tattoo has listed some West Coast and South American cities they plan to visit. Check if your city is listed here:

Creating an environment with relaxing music (usually instrumental), incense, and candles, clients reminisce past events, but now with good vibes and energy. This is More Ink Tattoo’s goal to help clients relieve stress and live a life full of positive energy.

“More Ink Tattoo is an incredible and super personal expression of art. We promote tattoos with meaning and a different experience for those who see that a tattoo is not just a drawing on the skin. Our tattoo tells personal stories and gives our clients purpose and confidence to live life on their own terms. A life of freedom. A life that allows clients to live beyond societal chains. More Ink Tattoo, simply, is an expression of clients’ experiences and dreams,” said Madeleine Rastelli, CEO and Founder of More Ink Tattoo LLC, in an interview with 9-Figure Media.

CEO and founder of More Ink Tattoo LLC — Morevis Rastelli.

About Morevis Rastelli

Madeleine Rastelli, is the founder and CEO of More Ink Tattoo. Growing up in a traditional Venezuelan family, like most people, Madeleine learned to find her purpose and express herself  through tattoos. To perfect her work, she gained five years of experience drawing tattoos. 

But beyond this, she has spent years studying art in college, which means she isn’t your average tattoo artist. It is important to note that Madeleine is a top-notch tattoo artist. This also means you will be thrilled when she draws your dream tattoo. Madeleine’s expertise has allowed her to fulfill her dreams of traveling around the world as a female tattoo artist.

About More Ink Tattoo LLC

More Ink Tattoo was founded after the founder, Madeleine Rastelli, chose a life of freedom.  Today, More Ink Tattoo has grown to positively connect tattoo lovers with their life experience.

The Company’s tattooing technique creates a 3D effect on the body of clients, all thanks to their precision and expertise. Today, More Ink Tattoo has expanded to include tattoo lovers, tattoo artists and artists in general.

As a traveler tattoo artist, More Ink Tattoo lists its next spots on its website here:

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