Googipet Introduces 10 in 1 Multi-Vitamin Chews, Hip and Joint supplements, Probiotic vitamins, and Allergy Support Supplements for Dogs

Googipet’s new range of products target healthier and happier dogs without the use of cancer causing ingredients found in many other products.

UNITED STATES, November 10, 2022—Googipet (“Googipet” or the “Company”), a dog supplement brand that prides itself in the health of dogs worldwide, has come to the aid of dogs and dog owners with its new venture into dog vitamin chews

Googipet was chosen as Best Dog Vitamins by L.A Times, because of the all natural, no grain, and no fillers formulas they offer and their wide ranging benefits. They use carefully selected, purposeful, and all-natural ingredients backed by scientific research to benefit a myriad of dog health concerns. All non-essential ingredients that don’t have a specific purpose to improve your dog’s health are not included. Products are formulated with the help of a PHD in nutrition and loved by vets and dog owners nationally. The intent is to improve the quality of life for your beloved furry friend and keep them healthier, longer. 

GoogiPet currently has four products that are making tens of thousands of dogs happier and healthier. They have a 10-1 Multivitamin chew, a Hip and Joint chew, an Allergy and Immune Support chew, and a 3-1 probiotic chew. 

Googipet’s 10-in-1 Multivitamin for dogs. Chosen as Best Multivitamin For Dogs By The LA Times 

The Company’s deep love for pets set them on a mission to improve the health of dogs by ensuring they get necessary vitamins and minerals that are generally left out of their kibble. Googipet is Made in the USA and manufactured in an SQF and GMP certified facility with the highest standards or production. 

According to Googipet, “Before the inception of Googipet, we did extensive research on the current dog kibble, supplements, treats and biscuit options, and we determined that the current market offering was lacking in many necessary vitamins and minerals.

It is saddening to know that one in four dogs gets cancer (, partially due to the ingredients found in some dog products. Even worse, 50% of dogs 10 years or older die from cancer. That is why we strive to produce only high quality products with ingredients that are beneficial to the health of dogs.

Our mission is to extend a dog’s quality of life by making them healthier and happier. Hopefully in doing that we extend our time with them.”

About Googipet

Googipet is an American family owned and operated small business, started by 3 dog loving brothers. We are committed to using advanced technology and industry best practices in our dog supplement production and formulation. We use carefully selected ingredients vetted by a PHD in dog nutrition to produce our dog supplements. 

As dog lovers, we take great pride in the quality of the product and service we provide to our customers and their beloved dogs. Our dog supplements provide support for a variety of dog health concerns and enhance the overall health of your dog.

Our products have been highly rated by respected news publications and most importantly our customers. We have been overwhelmed  with the amount of positive reviews from the thousands of dog owners we have helped. For more information, please visit:

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