Civil engineering company, KK Civil Engineering, moves to transform the landscape of Australia by providing innovative civil engineering solutions

NEW SOUTH WALES AUSTRALIA, September 14, 2022— Today, Koda Kassira, founder of the KK Civil Engineering Company, announced its commitment to further develop the landscape and streetscape view of Australia using modernized construction materials. A resolve made and carried out for over 21 years of the company’s existence.

As one of the most awarded construction companies, Koda Kassira has transformed the scenery of Australia by  constructing modern landscape masterpieces, one at a time, including addition of other specs like lighting and other utilities to better serve citizens of Australia. KK Civil Engineering Company is a Local Government Approved Contractor and has continued to serve  its numerous clients by designing, constructing and beautifying sites to meet international standards.    

Since its establishment in 2001, Koda Kassira has been at the forefront of providing innovative engineering solutions across various sectors in Australia. Some of the notable projects that have been successfully delivered by the company include: The construction of Bunnerong Road Matraville Streetscape Upgrade; the construction of Calbina Road Earlwood and relocation of its utility services; the Steel Park Cycleway – Marrickville; the design and construction of Mount Street, Coogee – Roundabout  etc.

In addition to this, Koda Kassira has an experienced team of engineers, architects, planners etc who are professionals in handling construction works. KK Civil Engineering is geared towards meeting the ever-growing needs of its clients with innovative engineering solutions which has cemented its position as an authority and leader in providing quality landscape construction services to clients.

Visit our website for more information on our services https://kkcivil.com.au/      

Presently, more projects have been awarded to KK Civil Engineering due its track record of providing long-lasting civil engineering solutions.

CEO and founder of KK Civil Engineering, Koda Kassira, “We strive to ensure our clients are delighted with the service we provide. We work with our clients to achieve their goals and objectives, thus ensuring we achieve our goals and objectives,” 

About Koda Kassira

Constantly carving out a name for himself in civil engineering, Koda Kassira has proved more than once that he is the industry leader after the inception of his company in 2001. University of Sydney was honored to have him grace the institution from 1989-1992, from there he took his time to hone his engineering skill. Nine years later, KK Civil Engineering was born. Koda Kassira unleashes his expertise by completing projects awarded to him across Australia, including asphalting every road, footpath and driveway and streetscape with brazen commitment.

Pulling down out-dated works, Koda Kassira has replaced them with state-of-the-art landscape designs-sealing his position as an industry expert.

Till today, Koda Kassira continues to do what he knows how to do best: innovative construction of roads, streetscapes and waterways amongst others.

About KK Civil Engineering

Founded by civil engineer and construction manager, Koda Kassira, KK Civil Engineering is committed to providing Australia with ground-breaking and innovative ways of road construction. 

Since its establishment in March 2001, KK Civil Engineering continuously delivers comprehensive civil works for local government councils, state government and utility authorities.  

visit https://kkcivil.com.au/ to find out more about KK Civil Engineering.

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Company Name: KK Civil Engineering – Koda Kassira

Contact Person: Koda Kassira

Email: [email protected]

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Country: Australia

Website: https://kkcivil.com.au/




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