Founder of Million Dollar Brand Heavenluxe, Xenon Tan Steps Out To Mentor Other Ecommerce Owners And Accelerate Their Online Sales


CEO of Heavenluxe, Xenon Tan, coaches more e-commerce brands on how to increase online sales after replicating its success framework to over 300+ e-commerce brand owners

SINGAPORE, September XX, 2022 -— Xenon Tan. Founder of Heavenluxe, a Singaporean luxury bedding ecommerce brand store, steps out to personally help ecommerce brand owners and dropshippers to gain knowledge, accelerate sales growth and gain greater market exposure.

One of the benefits participating ecommerce brands enjoy include breaking barriers across all  their sales verticals, which accelerate expansion and growth in the shortest possible time.

As part of its announcement, brand growth expert, Xenon Tan, reaffirms the firm’s mission to integrate replicable strategies that moved Heavenluxe from a fledgling company to a million dollar brand thereby exceeding monthly sales targets.

Since the pandemic struck, the traditional business model has been disrupted leading to an all-time 43% increase in sales for ecommerce, that is about $244.2 billion just in the first year of its hit. Still some ecommerce businesses struggle to rise beyond average and scale their businesses due to no knowledge of digital marketing.

2021 was a successful year, Heavenluxe recorded a lot of great achievements well into the end of the year before Xenon Tan exited it and launched the 10X E-commerce Consulting Firm. It has a continued increase in popularity after 300+ ecommerce brands passed through its mentorship programme. A programme that has benefitted members in many ways including a step-by-step guide into the world of digital marketing, ads run on low-budgets, sales acceleration and repetition of the whole process.

According to Xenon Tan, “In just 9 months, I grew my brand (Heavenluxe) to over $1,000,000 in sales and get more website traffic than the biggest bedding retail stores on a monthly basis. Using the F.A.M.E strategy that I invented, I modeled similarly to big brands like Gymshark, Prism+,  Secret Lab used to achieve 6-7 figures quickly in just a few months…I have helped over 300+ ecom store owners to breakthrough their sales to the next level.”

About Xenon Tan

Xenon launched 10X E-Commerce in 2017 to help several businesses leverage the power of running a successful e-Commerce business in modern times. Currently, he is the founder and CEO of Heavenluxe, one of the leading luxury bedding brand in Singapore.

About 10X E-Commerce

Founded by Xenon Tan, 10X E-Commerce is a business consulting firm for e-commerce brands and dropshippers. Since its existence, it has helped more than 300+ e-commerce brands including Artisan of Sense, GlamPalm, Gymsportz, Pink Proper amongst others. With its replicable sales invention, e-commerce businesses have more than doubled its sales target.

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