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MyOnlineTrainingHub Exposes The Secrets To Learning Microsoft Excel And Power BI For Everyone

Worldwide – July 06 2022 – MyOnlineTrainingHub Exposes The Secrets To Learning Microsoft Excel And Power BI For Everyone

MyOnlineTrainingHub, an online learning platform has finally exposed the secrets to learning Microsoft Excel and Power BI for anyone – professionals, students, artisans, and everyone, through well-explained videos, tutorials, and guides.

The online training videos and tutorials are carefully positioned on the website, it has been tested to transform users’ careers. 

As it is well known that Microsoft Excel and Power BI are software packages that are needed and useful for everyone in everyday life. Hence, MyOnlineTrainingHub uses the opportunity to expose the nitty-gritty of learning faster than an average learner through their step-by-step courses.

One of the most popular business intelligence and data analytics solutions worldwide is Microsoft Power BI.

On the other hand, Power BI is offered via the Azure Cloud and is cloud-based. For individual users or when power users are creating intricate data mashups using internal data sources, on-prem capabilities are also available.

Since users can create dashboards, prepare data for analysis, and uncover data using the same design tool. Power BI is exceptional. The product’s very active user community helps to expand the tool’s features and connects with Excel and Office 365.

It can be difficult to know where to begin when learning Power BI because the procedure can be confusing.

To assist users in learning about the software package and honing users’ skills before moving on to mastering it, MyOnlineTrainingHub tutors have put together some Excel and Power BI tutorial videos made available on their YouTube channel here:

To jumpstart, users might want to check “How to build Interactive Excel Dashboards that update with ONE CLICK” in less than 60 minutes Another YouTube video that helps users is “Secrets to Building Excel Dashboards in Under 15 Minutes!”

However, there is an opportunity to transform users from a beginner to becoming advanced on the website,

These courses vary from the Power BI course, where users learn Microsoft’s latest business intelligence (BI) & data visualization tool which enables users to quickly develop stunning interactive dashboards, to the Excel Dashboards course – learning insight, analysis, and alerts by displaying key trends, comparisons, and data in interactive reports.

Other courses that are noteworthy to mention are; Power Pivot and DAX course, Power Query, Pivot Tables: Quick Start course, Advanced Excel Formulas course, Excel Expert course, Excel Tables course, Financial Modelling course, Excel Pivot Tables course, Excel for Customer Service course and Excel, Word & Outlook course.

Mynda Treacy, Microsoft Excel MVP & Co-founder of MyOnlineTrainingHub and Director, has proven experience in the e-learning sector. Her proficiency with Microsoft Excel, accounting, financial analysis, and financial modeling made her to Microsoft MVP award for her 9 years of contribution to the Excel community.

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MyOnlineTrainingHub is an online platform that trains users on how to use Microsoft Excel and Power BI, no matter their profession or skillset.

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