FullChinese App Announces its Use by East Coast College

The adoption by East Coast Colleges strengthens students’ time commitment to the FullChinese App.

BOSTON, UNITED STATES, January 17, 2023—FullChinese (“FullChinese” or the “Company”), a Chinese learning app and Chinese dictionary tool, announces its adoption by East Coast Colleges such as MIT, Tufts University, and Wellesley College, a move to further strengthen their Chinese language learners’ time commitment, from intermediate to advanced level.

For years, students’ stupendous time commitment requirements led to a continuous drop in learners, except for students who study language-related courses. This made moving beyond the beginner level extremely challenging, except for the most dedicated ones, who could afford to dedicate immense time resources to fluency.  The FullChinese App, by removing the many causes of study inefficiencies, allows the learning process to become much smoother, faster, and hence more enjoyable. This drastically raised the probability that a student will reach fluency. 

Now, these students do not have to cram characters without a deep understanding of how they are formed. The FullChinese App upgrade includes the ability to study Youtube videos if they have close captions (CC), the decomposition of characters, reasons for their decomposition, words that contain the decomposed character, and dictionary meaning of the characters. A feature that allows students to learn the Chinese language, study two to three times faster, cultivate long-term retention, and commit themselves to finishing their Chinese language course.

Since students of these colleges started using the FullChinese App, students who earlier would have given up on the challenge of reaching higher intermediate level could progress to advanced level classes. The Company also allows students to sign up in groups here: https://www.fullchinese.com/

We studied in huge detail every step that students take while studying on their own, down to the second, and we optimized each of these steps. We approached it like engineers to look at how to make a factory more efficient. It required hard work and many years of work on our side (12 years), because optimizing a small learning step that could save a student a few seconds could take us weeks or months to solve,” said Emmanuel Roche, founder of FullChinese.

He continued, “by gradually removing every obstacle in language learning, we made the learning process smoother and smoother, and therefore more efficient. Being more efficient, it becomes much more enjoyable, and it achieves the holy grail of language education: the true feeling of learning (not just getting good grades). This “true learning feeling” is the only motivation strong enough to get students to reach the most advanced levels of fluency.”

About FullChinese App

Founded by Emmanuel Roche in 2012, the FullChinese App is headquartered in Boston, United States. The company helps students reach complete fluency in the Chinese language through integrated learner experience. Currently, the FullChinese App is used in top universities in the United States and serves as an academic learning tool. It centralizes all critical language learning features, i.e. personal dictionary, sounds, videos, in-app translation, customizable and curated content into one highly optimized app. 

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Company name: FullChinese App

Contact person: Emmanuel Roche

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Country: United States

Website: https://www.fullchinese.com/

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