Curlart Set to be the New Generation of Modern Surrealism

Curlart revolutionizes the world of art with modern and surreal artworks

FLORIDA, August 31, 2022— The world of surreal art is filled with paintings that defy logical interpretation. Most especially, surreal artworks are immersed with out-of-this world paintings that create an awed feeling. Collectors of artworks are known to scramble for paintings that defy the norm and yet are modern; a beautiful mixture of the imagined and the now.

As part of its mission to serve the art community, Curlart delves into the ethereal bringing forth what may be into what is, finding beauty in what is unexpected, irrational and strange.

Curlart has sold original surreal artworks worldwide to collectors who revel and value the power of the unconventional and uncanny. 

Presently, Curlart has newly released artworks that combine bright and natural colors to create these aesthetic artworks.  Prior to creating these final beautiful pieces of artworks, colors are mixed to blend with the surreal giving birth to unconventional paintings . Some of  these artworks are made with wood, acrylic painting, airbrush on canva, and enamel on canva.

Curlart has been referred to as the next generation of the Spanish artist Salvador Domingo Dali; and the Dutch graphic surrealist, Maurits Cornelis Escher; who are some of the greatest surrealists to ever hold paints and brushes. 

Easter Island, Spinal Tap, Mechanical Trees, Genetics are part of the newly released artworks from Curlart allowing collectors to submerge and immerse their beings in modern surrealism.

After years of perfecting the use of self leveling acrylic on canvas artworks, Curlart  is currently rolling out best fine arts nationwide and they can be ordered online from:

Curlart details include:

  • Original and one-of-a-kind artworks.
  • Self-leveling and glossy enamel on canvas artworks
  • Comes sometimes in different sizes and dimensions like 76.2 W x 121.9 H x 5.1 D cm.

”As often as I travel the countryside, this is my world as I see it. The inspiration just comes through colors that blend well. It is about nature and its balance,” Tommy Curl, artist behind Curlart explains. 

About Curlart

Curlart was founded by a self-taught artist, Tommy Curl after years of improving and perfecting his color blending and use of paints and brush. To create originality and unique fine artworks, Curlart artworks are hardly released in a dozen every year. 

To find more about Curlart, visit:


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Company Name: Curlart

Company founder: Tommy Curl


Country: United States of America


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