Crazy Internet Coin Sets the Stage for a Truly Decentralized Smart Contract

With its more than 7 million users, CIC solves scalability issues using  its unique, inbuilt Imprism

CIC Chain is a hybrid L1 blockchain, built by Elitheum
CIC Chain is a hybrid L1 blockchain, built by Elitheum

LONDON, August 31, 2022— CIC Labs LTD, an ISO20022 compliant, and creator of Crazy Internet Coin has announced today the safety and sustainability of Defi (Decentralized Finance) since CIC’s inception. With more than 64% of CIC supply locked in DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), a truly decentralized chain is born. 

Presently, more than 7 million users in 210 regions of the world have taken advantage of the scalability, safety, and speed of this smart contract. CIC is bringing in its trail a blockchain evolution never witnessed before; an upgradeable, secure, and cheap chain. CIC prides itself on Imprism technology- a hybrid consensus mechanism that combines PoS (Proof is Stake) and PoA (Proof of Authority), the same mechanism used by BSC.

Now, CIC takes Imprism further with its in-built PoR (Proof of Refraction) developed with the sole purpose to fix scalability issues found in PoS-powered blockchains, thereby making them 90% efficient.

CIC is the result of the combination of 100 years of blockchain experience and is currently traded at LBank Cryptocurrency Exchange at

Details of Crazy Internet Coin (CIC):

  • 90% efficiency caused by state-of-the-art Imprism technology- a unique Byzantine Fault Tolerant consensus mechanism. Imprism gives the CIC chain the power to scale to an enormous public platform.
  • An ever-progressive nature allows the CIC chain to meet the ever-changing market if consensus is agreed upon by validators.
  • Completed transactions are confirmed and validated by blockchain in just 5 seconds max.
  • Efficient data storage system perfectly balanced to handle thousands of transactions per second.

The technology behind CIC:

  • CIC is Hyper-Ethereum which is a hybrid Hyperledger BESU and Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible network.
  • A limitless potential to disrupt any services that utilize electronic payments, due to the technical capabilities of its technology.

Jared Robinson, CEO and founder of Crazy Internet Coin says, “there’s so much more to blockchain than just cryptocurrency and making quick money.”

“You can tokenize almost anything and decentralize them even! Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize the future of almost anything.”

About CIC Lab LTD

CIC Lab LTD was founded by solidity developer, Jared Robinson, and his team of developers in March 2021. Crazy Internet Coin (CIC) is dedicated to changing the narrative of cryptocurrency. It is a decentralized smart contract platform and a true technological evolution that is cheaper, faster, secure and ISO20022 compliant.

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