Crazy Internet Coin Set To Compete With Ethereum and BSC

UK – July 07 2022 – 9-Figure Media – Crazy Internet Coin is the native token for CIC

Chain, which is a technological evolution that is projected to compete with top existing smart contract platforms – Ethereum and BSC.

In a basic sense, smart contracts are blockchain-based algorithms that execute when certain criteria are met. They are frequently used to automate the execution of a contract so that both parties can be confident in the outcome immediately, without the need for an intermediary or extra time to pass. They can also automate a workflow, starting the subsequent step when definite criteria are satisfied. In cryptocurrency, smart contracts are used to make source code for decentralised or web3 applications or the architecture of erc20 style tokens, built on a blockchain. Most smart contracts are coded using Solidity language, which was originally developed for the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

CIC Chain is a platform for smart contracts to be deployed, similar to Ethereum (ETH) or the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), that utilises more advanced technology to ensure they run faster and scale higher. The biggest issues with smart contract technology, as demonstrated by ETH and BSC are scalability, higher costs and slow speeds. CIC Chain however, which was created by Crazy Internet Coin Labs LTD, fixes those issues while also expanding on the technology to make what CEO Jared Robinson calls ‘The most intelligent smart contract platform on the planet’.

Crazy Internet Coin – a name that is both easy to remember and impossible to forget, is the native coin for CIC Chain, that is powered by its own brand new consensus mechanism ‘Imprism’ which is said to be similar to the PoSA consensus that BSC created, but upto 90% more efficient. You can learn more about ‘Imprism’ from the projects easy-read whitepaper here.

The crypto asset was first launched as a BSC token called Elitheum in June 2021. Since then the team has continually expanded its ecosystem in order to become a ‘Catalyst for mass adoption of blockchain technology’. CIC chain is future ready – it is fully compliant with ISO20022, a brand-new universal messaging standard for financial institutions and is capable of building both public and private applications, with enterprise grade security.

After many months of building and preparation, Crazy Internet Coin and CIC Chain are preparing for their public launch, which is happening this month. They have ambitious plans to build the world’s biggest ‘Learn 2 Earn’ platform where users as young as 11 years old can earn free cryptocurrency by simply studying and learning about CIC and blockchain technology. What’s more, the team are committed to creating a multitude of real world utilities, using their blockchain.

About Crazy Internet Coin Labs LTD

The brand is called CIC Chain, which is pronounced as ‘kick’.

However, the UK company is called Crazy Internet Coin Labs LTD and the logo is the impossible infinity sign. Crazy Internet Coin is the name of the coin – it’s both easy to remember and impossible to forget. A nod to the meme coin investor, with the technology to disrupt any and all industries that utilise digital payments or ledgers.

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Company Name: CIC Labs LTD

Contact Person: Jared Robinson


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