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9-Figure Media is widely acknowledged as a premier sports and athletes public relations firm, renowned for its exceptional proficiency in brand management, strategic planning, and crisis communication.

With years of expertise in the field, the agency has collaborated with world-class athletes, establishing a solid reputation for executing successful and impactful publicity campaigns.

Leveraging extensive media connections and profound industry insight, 9-Figure Media creates enduring value for clients, providing customized solutions that not only meet their objectives but also elevate their reputation.

Immediate Editorial Coverage

This groundbreaking service is a global first and will provide you with an unparalleled competitive edge in your industry. Additionally, we have access to renowned platforms such as Yahoo Finance, Forbes, TechCrunch, Venture Beat, Business Insider, and more. Our network extends to websites like Apple News, Market Watch, Digital Journal, Fox, and many others. Feel free to inquire for the complete list.

Assured Publicity for Sports Businesses & Athletes

The inclusion of "As Featured On" will promptly enhance your credibility, broaden your reach, and offer compelling social proof for your achievements.

Build Trust & Credibility

The phrase “As Featured On Forbes, Fast Company, Bloomberg, Business Insider, USA Today, Inc” is more powerful than you think. Not just this, it compels your customers to believe your product or service is more popular and superior to the competition, leading to higher conversions and sales.

Rank Highly On Google

Seeing articles about your business on page 1 of Google is an incredible feeling. Imagine the power of having high domain authority links instantly show up when you Google your business. Once published, Google indexes the back links of the articles, which skyrockets your website's SEO ranking.

Exercise Massive Control

Exercise massive control over how your customers see you when they search for your business on Google. Our articles allow you to show prospective clients that you're an authority who gets write ups & news stories from prominent, global news sites. This makes closing the deal easy.

Always In The News

Since partnering with 9-Figure Media, our lead volume has doubled. It's a significant advantage when your startup can proudly highlight appearances on Apple News and MarketWatch. This has played a crucial role in fostering trust among new customers in a highly competitive market.

"Our Lead Volume Has Tripled"

Since using 9-Figure Media, our lead volume has more than tripled. Makes a big difference when your start-up can boast that you’ve appeared on Bloomberg, Business Insider, Apple News & MarketWatch. Has helped new customers trust us in an extremely competitive market.

- Marti Mongiello, Owner, Inn of The Patriots & US Presidential Service Center

Real Client Testimonials

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Achieved Publicity for Our Client

Secured placements in the most prominent publications, guaranteed. We handle the entire process, from writing and editing to publication on news sites that will have the most significant impact, resulting in an immediate enhancement of trust and credibility.

100% money-Back Guarantee

Traditional PR agencies don't guarantee publication, and they don't offer refunds if you don't get published. Our ultra-modern PR agency does the opposite. If our PR agency fails to publish your news story for any reason, you get a prompt refund, as outlined in our Terms and Conditions.

Investment Packages

These packages will completely transform the way people see your brand, build trust and credibility, and crush your sales goals! 


$ 995
  • One guaranteed publication monthly
  • Choose from 20 limited publications
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • 1 bonus press release published on 100 news outlets
  • No "As Seen On" logo integration
  • No Forbes feature included
  • No keyword ranking
  • Cancel anytime after 1 month


$ 3500
  • 2 guaranteed publications monthly
  • Choose from unlimited publications
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • 2 bonus press releases published on 200 news outlets monthly
  • "As Seen On" logo integration
  • Forbes feature included
  • Google first page ranking guaranteed
  • Guaranteed ranking for 1 keyword
  • Cancel anytime after 12 months​


$ 4995
  • 6 guaranteed publications quarterly
  • Choose from unlimited publications
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • 2 bonus press releases published on 200 news outlets monthly
  • "As Seen On" logo integration
  • Forbes feature included
  • No keyword ranking​
  • Cancel anytime after 3 months


$ 20K
and above/Mo
  • From 6 guaranteed publications monthly
  • Choose from unlimited publications
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Up to 25 bonus press releases published on 400+ news outlets monthly
  • "As Seen On" logos integration
  • Forbes feature included
  • Google first page ranking guaranteed​
  • Guaranteed ranking for 2-20 keywords
  • Full-time reputation management
  • Cancel anytime after 12 months​

9-Figure Media Offers Sports & Athletes PR With An Edge


Affordable Pricing Options for Every Budget

Assured Coverage on Major News Sites Within 72 Hours of Publication. Receive Reports Along with Downloadable Logos for Instant Integration on Your Website.

B2B PR - Essential Information

Public Relations (PR) for athletes and sports businesses involves managing the public image and perception of individuals or organizations within the sports industry. It encompasses strategic communication efforts to build a positive brand image, establish credibility, and enhance visibility.

Key aspects of PR for athletes and sports businesses include:

  1. Media Relations: Building relationships with journalists and media outlets to secure positive coverage. This involves crafting press releases, organizing interviews, and facilitating media interactions.

  2. Brand Management: Developing and maintaining a strong and positive brand image for athletes or sports entities. This includes creating a compelling narrative, managing endorsements, and ensuring consistent messaging.

  3. Crisis Communication: Dealing with any negative publicity or crises that may arise. PR professionals work to mitigate damage, communicate effectively, and protect the reputation of athletes or sports organizations.

  4. Event Publicity: Promoting sports events, tournaments, or appearances to attract media coverage and audience attention. This includes coordinating press conferences, managing media attendance, and leveraging social media.

  5. Social Media Management: Utilizing social media platforms to engage with fans, share updates, and build a digital presence. PR professionals may develop content strategies and handle social media crises.

  6. Community Engagement: Building positive relationships with the community through outreach programs, charitable initiatives, and involvement in social causes.

  7. Strategic Planning: Developing long-term PR strategies aligned with the overall goals of athletes or sports businesses. This involves identifying target audiences, defining key messages, and planning campaigns.

  8. Endorsements and Sponsorships: Managing relationships with sponsors and securing endorsements for athletes. This includes negotiating contracts, maximizing exposure, and ensuring alignment with brand values.

Overall, PR for athletes and sports businesses aims to create a positive public perception, enhance brand value, and contribute to long-term success both on and off the field.

Good PR in sports involves strategic communication and relationship-building efforts that contribute positively to the image, reputation, and success of athletes, teams, or sports organizations. Here are key elements that constitute good PR in sports:

  1. Positive Media Coverage: Securing positive media coverage through press releases, interviews, and feature stories that highlight achievements, community involvement, and positive aspects of athletes or teams.

  2. Crisis Management: Effectively handling crises or negative incidents to minimize damage and protect the reputation of athletes or organizations. This involves timely and transparent communication.

  3. Strategic Messaging: Developing and communicating clear and consistent messages that align with the values and goals of athletes or sports entities. This messaging should resonate with the target audience.

  4. Community Engagement: Actively engaging with the community through outreach programs, charitable initiatives, and involvement in social causes. Building strong connections with fans enhances a positive public image.

  5. Social Media Presence: Managing social media platforms to connect with fans, share updates, and build a digital presence. Consistent and authentic engagement on social media contributes to a positive image.

  6. Brand Endorsements: Securing and managing endorsement deals that align with the athlete’s or team’s values. Well-chosen endorsements can enhance credibility and broaden reach.

  7. Event Promotion: Effectively promoting sports events to attract media attention, sponsors, and fans. This involves creating compelling narratives, organizing press conferences, and utilizing various promotional channels.

  8. Transparency: Maintaining transparency in communication, especially during challenging situations. Open and honest communication builds trust with the audience.

  9. Strategic Partnerships: Building strategic partnerships with sponsors, other sports entities, and relevant stakeholders. Collaborations can enhance visibility and create mutually beneficial relationships.

  10. Long-Term Planning: Developing and implementing long-term PR strategies aligned with the overall goals of athletes, teams, or organizations. This includes identifying target audiences and planning campaigns that contribute to sustained success.

Ultimately, good PR in sports focuses on building positive relationships with fans, sponsors, media, and the community, contributing to a strong and enduring public image.

Publicity plays a crucial role in expanding an athlete’s audience reach by increasing visibility, building a positive public image, and engaging with fans. Here are key ways in which publicity contributes to an athlete’s audience reach:

  1. Media Coverage: Positive media coverage, including features, interviews, and news stories, exposes athletes to a broader audience. Coverage in reputable outlets can significantly increase visibility and attract new fans.

  2. Social Media Amplification: Publicity efforts often extend to social media platforms, where athletes can share highlights, achievements, and behind-the-scenes content. Social media provides a direct and immediate way to connect with a global audience.

  3. Brand Endorsements: Partnerships with brands and endorsements can amplify an athlete’s reach. Brands often have established audiences, and being associated with them can introduce the athlete to new followers who may not have been aware of their achievements.

  4. Event Participation: Participating in high-profile sports events, tournaments, and competitions provides athletes with exposure to a large audience, both in attendance and through broadcast or streaming platforms.

  5. Community Engagement: Engaging with the community through charitable activities, outreach programs, and events can create a positive public image. This positive perception can lead to increased support from local and global audiences.

  6. Cross-Promotion: Collaborating with other athletes, teams, or influencers for joint promotions can introduce an athlete to new audiences. Cross-promotional efforts leverage the existing fan bases of multiple individuals or entities.

  7. International Competitions: Competing in international events broadens an athlete’s reach to a global audience. Major tournaments and competitions attract viewers from around the world, exposing athletes to diverse fanbases.

  8. Consistent Storytelling: Crafting and sharing a compelling personal and professional narrative through publicity efforts helps fans connect with the athlete on a deeper level. Consistent storytelling creates a memorable brand that resonates with audiences.

  9. Digital Media and Streaming: Leveraging digital media platforms, streaming services, and online content creation allows athletes to reach audiences beyond traditional sports coverage. Platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and podcasts provide additional avenues for audience engagement.

  10. Public Appearances: Making public appearances, attending events, and interacting with fans in person contribute to an athlete’s approachability and likability. Positive interactions can lead to word-of-mouth recommendations and increased audience support.

In summary, publicity acts as a catalyst for increasing an athlete’s audience reach by leveraging various channels, platforms, and partnerships to enhance visibility, engagement, and connection with fans.

Public Relations Services Tailored for Sports and Athletes

There is no one answer to the question of the ultimate goal of publicity for athletes and sports businesses – it will vary depending on the company and its specific services. However, in general, the goal of doing PR from 9-Figure Media’s standpoint is to increase awareness of the company and its offerings, build credibility and trust with potential customers, and generate leads and sales

How 9-Figure Media Works for Artists and Sports Businesses

“Get featured on Entrepreneur, Bloomberg, Associated Press, Yahoo Finance, Forbes, Apple News, Marketwatch.” Continuous monthly news stories to enhance your consistent ranking in Google News.

We craft the angles

We develop compelling headlines and topics centered around you or your brand, highlighting unique selling propositions and showcasing greatness.

Guaranteed publication of your news stories

Immediate publication of your news stories across our extensive network of news websites. Ensuring your stories are guaranteed to rank prominently in Google News.

Leverage the logos from Global News Sites to enhance credibility.

After publication, we will send you a PDF containing all the links where your content has been published. You can then integrate these links into your website or blog.

Exploring the Strategies for Successful Sports PR

We've chosen news sites that ensure publication, possess high domain authority, follow links, and permit the posting of multimedia such as images or videos. Some essential strategies for successful PR in the realm of athletes and sports businesses involve formulating a robust and distinctive value proposition, crafting engaging content, and establishing meaningful relationships with influential figures.

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