Top 12 PR Agencies for Startups

(And why 9-Figure Media could be your best bet at crushing other startups in your market)

For startups to succeed in a highly competitive market, they cannot do without the help of PR Agencies, especially one focused on helping startups succeed. The crucial work of PR agencies includes building a public image of the startup that inspires trust and credibility, creating news stories that resonate with their target audience, and creating brand awareness. Since startups usually have a limited budget, every dollar counts.

That’s why we help startups get guaranteed publicity on the world’s biggest news outlets, including Forbes, Business Insider, USA Today, Inc, NY Times, Entrepreneur, Bloomberg, CNBC – so they can build trust and credibility…and crush their sales!

Get Your Startup Featured On The World's Biggest Top-rated Media Outlets

And watch how your startup crushes the competition. No wonder Bill Gates famously said, “If I was down to my last one dollar, I would spend it on PR!”

Investment Packages

Flexible price options. Choose only what you need to crush your competition.


$ 995
  • One guaranteed publication monthly
  • Choose from 20 limited publications
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • 1 bonus press release published on 100 news outlets
  • No "As Seen On" logo integration
  • No Forbes feature included
  • No keyword ranking
  • Cancel anytime after 1 month


$ 3500
  • 2 guaranteed publications monthly
  • Choose from unlimited publications
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • 2 bonus press releases published on 200 news outlets monthly
  • "As Seen On" logo integration
  • Forbes feature included
  • Google first page ranking guaranteed
  • Guaranteed ranking for 1 keyword
  • Cancel anytime after 12 months


$ 4995
  • 6 guaranteed publications quarterly
  • Choose from unlimited publications
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • 2 bonus press releases published on 200 news outlets monthly
  • "As Seen On" logo integration
  • Forbes feature included
  • No keyword ranking
  • Cancel anytime after 3 months


$ 20K
and above/Mo
  • From 6 guaranteed publications monthly
  • Choose from unlimited publications
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Up to 25 bonus press releases published on 400+ news outlets monthly
  • "As Seen On" logos integration
  • Forbes feature included
  • Google first page ranking guaranteed
  • Guaranteed ranking for 2-20 keywords
  • Full-time reputation management
  • Cancel anytime after 12 months

How Our PR Agency Works

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Table of Contents

12 Best PR Agencies For Startups You Shouldn’t Miss In 2024

1. 9-Figure Media

9-Figure Media is the Laguna Beach PR powerhouse that will catapult your brand into the spotlight. 
We don’t just talk – we deliver guaranteed results. 
Top-tier media coverage, a bulletproof online reputation, and undeniable industry authority are yours for the taking. 
With over a decade of proven success, we’ve mastered the formula for transforming brands into household names.

What You Get with 9-Figure Media:

  • Search Engine Supremacy: Own the results page when people search for your brand. We make sure the good stuff ranks high.
  • Media Spotlight: Land features on the sites that matter – Forbes, Bloomberg, Business Insider, and more. Build instant credibility and reach your dream customers.
  • Industry Authority: Become the go-to expert in your field. Thought leadership positions you as a trusted voice and attracts high-value leads.
  • Unmatched Results, Guaranteed: We’re so confident we’ll exceed your expectations, we put our money where our mouth is. If we don’t deliver, you get your money back.

Why 9-Figure Media is Different:

  • Results-Driven, Not Hype-Driven: We ditch empty promises and focus on the metrics that drive your bottom line.
  • Senior-Level Expertise for Maximum Impact: Our seasoned pros know the media landscape inside and out. Get the A-team on your side.
  • Proven Strategies, Personalized for You: No cookie-cutter PR here. We create a custom game plan to make your brand shine.

Additional Services to Supercharge Your Success:

  • Crisis Management: When things get messy, we protect your reputation.
  • Content Creation: Compelling content that fuels your PR machine.
  • Social Media Amplification: Maximize the reach of your earned media wins.

Ready to level up your online presence and leave your competitors in the dust? 

Contact 9-Figure Media today and let’s make you the next big success story

2. Bob Gold & Associates

Bob Gold & Associates is an esteemed independent public relations agency headquartered in Southern California, founded by Bob Gold in 1997. With additional offices in New York City and Chicago, the company has established a robust presence.

Dedicated to excellence in data-driven public relations and brand management, Bob Gold & Associates employs a distinctive approach known as BG&A Insight™.

This methodology underscores the importance of data and analysis in devising tailored media strategies that align with the unique requirements of each client.

The process commences with a comprehensive onboarding procedure, crafting proactive and personalized media relations campaigns that adhere to the principles of specificity, measurability, achievability, replicability, and timeliness.

Serving a diverse array of industries including Media & Entertainment, Technology, Social Good, AdTech, Crisis Management, and Corporate, Bob Gold & Associates stands as a reliable partner for clients seeking strategic public relations solutions.

For further information, please visit our website.

3. Harris Public Relations

Harris Public Relations is a purpose-driven boutique agency boasting 23 years of experience in public relations, with a specialization in arts and culture, community, business, and lifestyle sectors.

Renowned for its engaging media and social media campaigns, Harris Public Relations prides itself on generating compelling narratives via both traditional and digital media landscapes.

Possessing an extensive network of partnerships and a commitment to staying abreast of global trends, the agency consistently surpasses industry benchmarks.

The array of services offered by Harris Public Relations includes thought leadership, strategic communications and message development, creative campaign ideation, media relations campaigns, event publicity, red carpet management, media training, community relations outreach, media tours, and media monitoring and reporting.

To explore our offerings further, please visit the Harris Public Relations website.

4. The Pollack PR Marketing Group

The Pollack PR Marketing Group was established in 1985 by a group of individuals with a pragmatic and focused ethos.

Presently, the agency maintains offices in New York and Los Angeles, embodying a commitment to delivering 150 percent effort to attain success.

Prioritizing creativity, growth, and genuine communication devoid of jargon, the agency distinguishes itself by its membership in The Worldcom Public Relations Group, affording access to a global network of 2,000 communicators.

The Pollack PR Marketing Group offers a spectrum of services spanning various areas such as facilitating connections with target audiences, media relations, crafting consumer-resonant messages, market differentiation, leveraging social media influencers, bridging intergenerational professional gaps, and specializing in iGen/Gen Z demographic marketing.

For further insights, kindly visit our website.

5. TrizCom PR

TrizCom PR stands as a premier public relations firm in the United States, offering a comprehensive suite of strategic communication and PR services to corporations, non-profits, and start-ups alike.

With a team of seasoned PR professionals, TrizCom PR specializes in crafting innovative communication strategies to enhance brand awareness, drive qualified leads and sales, and foster trust with new audiences.

Recognized for its exceptional work, TrizCom PR has garnered several awards, including the 2022 Pegasus Award for Operation Kindness and Intuitive Health.

Emphasizing collaboration and continuous communication, the agency is dedicated to realizing the goals and objectives of its partners.

TrizCom PR’s services encompass digital PR, agency of record, analyst relations, charitable giving and sponsorship strategy, community relations, content creation, crisis communications, entrepreneur and startup public relations, event planning and promotion, influencer management, internal communications, investor relations, issues management, legislative affairs and corporate lobbying, media relations, reputation management, and social media management.

For further details, please click here to visit the TrizCom website.


NOW!PR is a communication and public relations agency committed to delivering immediate and tangible results for its clients.

Operating under the motto “Awareness Driving Action,” NOW!PR endeavors to translate brand visibility into concrete actions such as purchases and registrations. Established in 2000, NOW!PR is part of the BPRESS group and collaborates with diverse sectors including Corporate & Finance, Tech & Innovation, and Travel & Lifestyle.

The agency provides an array of communication and public relations services including integrated communication, strategic communication consultancy, digital PR and influencer marketing, events, PR and media relations, and social media management.

For inquiries, please visit the NOW!PR website.

7. Vitis PR

Vitis PR, an award-winning UK-based agency, specializes in B2B PR and B2B technology PR.

Renowned for its high-impact public relations, search, and social media campaigns, Vitis PR caters to technology, telecoms, and high-growth companies.

With an adept senior team comprising PR, SEO, and social media experts, Vitis PR delivers cost-effective, premium PR services tailored to startups, small businesses, and listed companies.

The agency has garnered widespread media exposure for its clients, both online and offline, leveraging a cadre of skilled professionals including account directors, managers, associates, and writers.

Vitis PR’s tailored communication campaigns target business users and consumers alike, aligning with clients’ business objectives and delivering tangible results. Certified by the UK IT Association, the agency is recognized as a reputable supplier of services beneficial to the IT sector.

Vitis PR offers a range of services including Tech PR Services, Search Services, B2B PR Services, and Social Media Services.

For further information, please visit the Vitis PR website.

8. FleishmanHillard PR Agency

FleishmanHillard PR Agency ranks among the world’s foremost global public relations firms, offering strategic communications services to clients across more than 80 countries.

Traceable to its founding by public relations pioneers Carl Byoir and John W. Hillard in 1946, FleishmanHillard is presently part of Omnicom Group Inc. (NYSE: OMC), a global marketing and communications holding company.

With an international reach, proficiency in digital engagement, and a focus on strategic thinking, FleishmanHillard boasts a distinguished track record of delivering results for its clients.

For further insights, please visit the FleishmanHillard website.

9. Weber Shandwick Agency

Weber Shandwick Agency stands out as one of the premier PR agencies for startups, boasting offices in major media, business, and government hubs worldwide.

Representing a diverse clientele ranging from Fortune 500 companies to startups, Weber Shandwick’s integrated teams offer strategic counsel and creative solutions backed by extensive industry knowledge.

With its global reach, comprehensive service offerings, and reputation for excellence, Weber Shandwick is esteemed within the PR industry for its commitment to crafting and executing effective communications strategies.

To learn more about Weber Shandwick Agency, please visit their website.

10. Ketchum PR Firm

Ketchum PR Firm is recognized as one of the largest and most influential technology public relations firms globally, maintaining a presence in over 100 offices across 70 countries.

Partnering with clients to devise and implement communications strategies that enhance brand, reputation, and business, Ketchum is a subsidiary of Omnicom Group Inc. (NYSE: OMC).

Boasting a global reach, a storied track record of success, and a diverse range of services, Ketchum is well-equipped to address the diverse needs of its clientele.

For further information, please visit the Ketchum website.

11. Edelman PR Firm

Edelman PR Firm serves as a trusted partner to many of the world’s leading businesses and organizations, offering comprehensive communications strategies and services across various sectors.

With a presence in over 85 offices spanning more than 40 countries, Edelman’s integrated teams specialize in digital, advertising, public relations, public affairs, investment relations, and crisis management.

Renowned for its global reach, sector expertise, commitment to integrated communications, and focus on measurement and analytics, Edelman is esteemed within the industry for its innovative and effective solutions.

For further insights, please visit the Edelman website.

12. Brunswick PR

Brunswick PR is a distinguished independent public relations agency headquartered in Southern California. Established by Bob Gold in 1997, the agency has expanded its reach with offices in New York City and Chicago.

Specializing in data-driven public relations and brand management, Brunswick PR employs a unique approach called BG&A Insight™.

This method emphasizes utilizing data and analysis to tailor media strategies to each client’s specific needs.
Starting with a comprehensive onboarding process, the agency crafts proactive and personalized media relations campaigns that are measurable and timely.

Brunswick PR caters to various industries, including Media & Entertainment, Technology, Social Good, AdTech, Crisis Management, and Corporate.

For more information, visit their website.

Conclusion on Best PR Agencies For Your Startup

In the realm of startup PR agencies, navigating the multitude of options can pose a challenge. However, it’s crucial to find the perfect match that aligns with your startup’s goals and values. Here’s a discerning guide to help you choose the optimal PR firm for your venture:

  • Opting for Experience: If you’re inclined towards a seasoned powerhouse, consider established firms like 9-Figure Media. With a rich history and wealth of experience, these industry veterans bring invaluable insights and proven strategies to the table.
  • Embracing Agility: Alternatively, smaller boutique firms offer a nimble and adaptable approach. Their ability to pivot swiftly and tailor solutions to your specific needs can provide a distinct advantage in today’s dynamic business landscape.
  • Prioritizing Quality: While cost may be a factor, it’s essential to remember that quality often correlates with investment. Choosing a budget-friendly option may yield subpar results, reinforcing the adage that you get what you pay for.
  • Seeking Comprehensive Solutions: For those seeking a comprehensive suite of services, firms with a full-service offering may be the ideal choice. While they may come with a higher price tag, their ability to handle everything from media relations to event planning can streamline your PR efforts and maximize impact.

Ultimately, the key lies in aligning with a PR partner that not only meets your immediate needs but also shares your vision for long-term success.

By carefully weighing these considerations, you can embark on a journey toward PR excellence that propels your startup to new heights.