Mandla Learning App Uses New Marketing Strategy to Attract Potential Investors


The Mandla App forecast of market viability positions it for investors to dive in.

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 20, 2022–The idea of resurrecting dead African languages long buried by the earth of colonization and westernization is welcoming news. Mandla, the first language learning app committed to breathing in oxygen, even to dying languages, has taken the mantle upon itself to teach younger generations of Africans and the world African languages.

Language embodies the norms, values, religious sacredness, and profanities, with all the totality of the culture of a group of people. When the language of a people is taken away from them, they lose touch with the bond that language connects them with. Just like Desmond Tutu said, “language is powerful. Language does not just describe reality. Language creates the reality it describes.” Experts believe that about 90% of languages spoken today will become extinct in the next one hundred years.

The Mandla App is an innovative AI tool designed by Wenitte Apiou and his 10-man team to conserve and teach learners dying African languages. Wenitte believes the Mandla App can restore the true identity of Africans through these languages, for these languages hold their roots. The Mandla is the first ed-tech committed to teaching mainly African languages.

Given it is a startup company, the team behind the Mandla App has gone all out to embrace more ways to make the app serve its purpose by the inclusion of the Mandla keyboard and the Mandla Dictionary. Both tools combine to give learners a unique experience and complement their learning process in the app.

Armed with the potential to redefine the learning space in Africa and beyond, Angel Onuoha lent a helping hand of sponsorship to the cause. And just like Oliver Twist, the Mandla team continues to devise more ways to reduce the soaring statistics of endangered African languages by attracting potential investors.

To this end, the Mandla App believes these languages will gain speakers spread across the world, unite people of African descent to recognize their roots and identity, and be an archive for future generations to resort to. The company believes in the market viability of its AI-powered inventions and its potential to compete with other top ed-tech companies in the world.

About Mandla App

Founded by Wenitte Apiou in 2021, the Mandla App solves the problem of language death and its preservation. Throughout its existence, more than 75,000 people have leveraged its power with greater possibility for more learners. The Mandla App is a user-friendly app designed to lead learners from novice to expert speakers of their chosen language. The app is available for download here:

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