Mandla Expands its Technical Team


With its need for expansion, Mandla seeks all-technical-hands on deck to provide security and improve the learning experience for learners.

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 20, 2022—-The African language learning app that teaches more than 15 languages and works towards the preservation of these languages through digitizing them. Mandla has announced the expansion of its language teams to further serve their target audience.

Expansion of Technical Team

As technological manpower continues to skyrocket across various industry verticals, the expansion of the technical team will increase Mandla’s ability to continue to deliver a quality user focused app experience. The new members of the technical team are tasked with the removal of bugs, glitches and error codes to promote the smooth running of the whole system, and grow their user base.

These first hires bring in combined years of experience from different backgrounds in technology, mostly computer science, mathematics and engineering. The other new additions to the team are the Chief Technological Officer and Head of Growth, to lead the growth and marketing of Mandla’s diverse products offerings. Collectively, these new additions draw from their expertise to improve the user experience and attract new learners. 

We brought in many smart young Africans to join the effort–a few engineers and Delanyo, who’s passionately pushing our growth, especially on TikTok where a bunch of our audience are,” commented the CEO and Founder of Mandla, Wenitte Apiou. 

These new additions complement Mandla’s extensive strategy, resulting in growth in the company.

About Mandla

Mandla is an artificial intelligence startup company by entrepreneur Wenitte Apiou. Since it came into existence, it has been committed to using artificial intelligence tools to build the future of Africa, starting with languages. Mandla has built its first app dedicated to teaching African languages. In summer 2022, the team released their second app, an online dictionary containing words in 100+ African languages, including some near-extinct and dying languages. Mandla aims to preserve these languages by digitizing them and presenting them to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with other world languages. 

Currently, Mandla seeks to expand its user base, as well as include more language options in the platform.

Media Contact

Company Name: Mandla

Contact person: Wenitte Apiou 

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