Mandla App Introduces Dictionary to Transliterate African Languages, Revives Near-Extinct Languages


As part of its plans to leverage technology to preserve African languages, the Mandla dictionary translates words into 100 languages for a start

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 20, 2022—Mandla is pleased to announce the introduction of the Mandla Dictionary, the first multilingual, multidialectal, multiscriptual, and audio-supported online parallel dictionary for African languages. 

Mandla dictionary is designed to revive disused African scripts like the Adlam, Bamum, N’ko, and Osmanya, one at a time starting with N’ko. This includes giving life to once-dead African writing systems like Nsibidi, Tifinagh, Kassena logograms, and Meroitic. 

It also provides users with the translation of African languages, as well as the transliteration of these languages from Latin and English through writing scripts, voice recognition, and pictorial representation.

The Mandla Dictionary uses data sourced openly, which is free to users. It features definitions in each language, both in a chosen native language and Latin scripts, as well as English

Mandla gives users free membership in the platform, with the option of allowing members to add new words and examples to the dictionary, including suggesting edits to existing words and examples. Updates are sent to members on the status of words they contributed via email.

As part of its all-inclusive plan of African languages, the Mandla Dictionary currently translates words from 100 languages including Igbo, Yoruba, Zulu, Xhosa, Twi, Akan, Amharic, Moore, and many others, highlighting even some dying languages in its mission of digital preservation to avoid language extinction shortly.

Since the younger generation of Africans has lost touch with their mother, and some struggle to find a platform that’s all out to teach these languages, Mandla App has taken the lead in making learning these languages easier for them. 

It also encourages people of non-African descent, especially tourists to the African continent, to use the app and learn how to communicate fluently with locals. The Mandla Dictionary simplifies words and adds the origin of such words. 

“While this is just the beginning, we hope to have the largest existing dictionary dataset for every major African language by 2022, with transliterations of N’ko script and each language’s native script,” concluded Wenitte Apiou, CEO and Founder of Mandla.

The Mandla Dictionary is available at

Wenitte Apiou, CEO and Founder of Mandla

About Mandla Dictionary

The Mandla Dictionary is an online word-translating platform that allows users to find the original spelling, pronunciation, and tonation of 100 African languages by digitizing these words in incorruptible format with the use of the internet. Since its inception, it has grown to include contributors from different regions in Africa, as well as Africans in the diaspora. 

Mandla dictionary has revived ancient writing scripts and systems in Africa, with ongoing efforts to revive more.

About Wenitte Apiou

Wenitte Apiou is the CEO and Founder of Mandla. His mission to help other Africans who seek to know and learn their original languages inspired the birth of his company, Mandla. For two years, he has researched and worked with ten other members of his team to digitize dying languages, especially in Africa for future generations. 

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